68 – Hold On! I am gonna go get on my Commodore 64

This Week Daniel, Clay, Josh and Kyle discuss comics based on pre-existing properties

Note – We recorded remotely and the first few minutes the audio is not up to par but it gets better

Previously on Next Issue Segment [1:00 – 13:00]

  • Daniel – Wonder Twins Vol.1 Activate! By Mark Russell / Steven Byrne
  • Josh –  Strange Adventures #1 by Tom King, Mitch Gerards, Evan Shaner
  • Kyle – Flash 750, Star Wars, Anime – Bakuman
  • Clay – Strange Academy

Main Topic [13:00 – 36:00]

Comics based on pre-existing properties


  • Mortal Kombat
  • Planet of the Apes Comics
    • Youtube video mentioned by Clay HERE
  • Transformers
  • Power Rangers
  • Dungeons and Dragon
  • Rick & Morty vs DnD

Recommendations [36:00 – End]


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