55 – This was Supposed to be an interview (With Alex Gallimore)

This week, we show you a bit behind the scenes, when we recorded this we planned on interview with Alex Gallimore, but it turned to us just talking about comic books. 

Batman Day [1:00 – 6:00]

What are we reading (FULL SPOILERS for the titles listed below)

Gideon Falls [6:00 –

Loki [12:00 –

King Thor [14:00 –

Absolute Carnage [16:00 –

Flash Forward [22:00 –

Talking creators [28:00 –

FULL SPOILER for all House of X/Powers of X Released as of 09.22.2019

HOXPOX [38:00 – 1:00:00]

Recommendations [1:00:00 -End]

You can find Alex Gallimore HERE


thank you! 

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