56 – When Josh Met Gwenpool

This Week Daniel, Kyle and Josh try to put a podcast together. 

House of X/Powers of X Initial Impressions [01:00 – 12:00] FULL SPOILER 

Other Comics Mentioned [12:00 – 33:00]

-Amazing Spider-Man (Absolute Carnage)

-Contagion #1 and #2

-Doctor Doom #1

-Gwenpool Stirkes back #1-3

-Event Leviathan

-The Green Lantern

-Nightwing #50

Joker Movie Impressions (Spoiler Free) [33:00 – 38:00]

Batwoman on CW and ther CW shows [38:00 – 46:00]

-Plus Archie comics talk

NYCC 2019 Announcements [46:00 – 57:00]Recommendations [57:00 – End]


Thank you! 

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