Comic Review | Shadow War Zone #1 | DC Comics

A special issue that showcases the spread and impact of the Shadow War on the DCU!
OLD FRIENDS – Written Joshua Williamson, Art / Color by Otto Schmidt Letters by Steve Wands – Talia al Ghul has put out a hit on anyone who has ever worked with Deathstroke—and that includes Black Canary! Where has Luke Fox been?
INNER DEMON – Nadia Shammas Art / Color Sweeney Boo Letters Becca Carey – Talia is sick of watching from the sidelines and joins the battle herself!
PANIC ROOM – Ed Brisson Pencils Mike Bowden Inks Mark Morales Colors Antoni Fabela Letters Troy Peteri – Also featuring the new villain Angel Breaker! What is her connection to Ghost-Maker?
NINJAS! AT THE ARCADE – Stephanie Phillips Art Ann Maulina Letter AndWorld Design – Harley Quinn vs ninjas!

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