107: What’s a SubStack?

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First Episode [45 min to 1:00]  

Hosts: Add Name if able to attend or confirmed Attendance

Daniel – eckospider@yahoo.com

Clay – nightcrawler13@gmail.com

Kyle – kkondas@gmail.com

Adrian – adrianharry72@gmail.com

Josh –  joshrichardrose@gmail.com


“Previously on Next Issue Segment” –
Quick chat about something you have been reading, watching, playing etc. [Comics, TV, Movies, Games Etc]

Promote the Patreon and the giveaway – 

The Question Black Label 1-4 Jeff Limire Denys Cowan


Daniel Batman ‘89 #1 Defenders #1 Pennyworth #1 MOTU Revelations #2 – Surrogates Bruce Willis – Show and tell 

Josh: Batman 89 #1, watched the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Clay: X-Men 1-2, Way of the X 1-4, 

Cold Comes the Night – Pluto – Bryan Cranston and Alice Eve, Robin Lord Taylor, Logan Marshall Green Dir Tzu Chun

What if?

Took my recommendation and here’s my library haul with pics

Bowie By Michael Allred and Steve Horton

Foreword by Neil Gaiman / Illustrated by Laura Allred

Indeh Author: Ethan Hawke

Illustrator: Greg Ruth

DCeased Unkillables Written by: Tom Taylor

Art by: Trevor Scott, Karl Mostert

DCeased Written by Tom Taylor

Artist(s) Greg Capullo FCO Plascencia

Penciller(s) Trevor Hairsine

Inker(s) Stefano Gaudiano James Harren

Letterer(s) Ken Lopez Colorist(s) Rain Beredo

My Captain America A Grandaughters memoir of a legendary comic book artist Joe Simon

News Round up!


Substack – What is it?

Bleach News

Venom movie pushed 

Robin News
-Tim Drake

-New Robin

-the original Robin? 

Is that a Moon Knight costume?


Stray Dogs – 

Suicide Squad King Shark

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