Advance Comic Review | Shadowman #5 | Valiant Entertainment

Written by #CULLENBUNN, illustrated by #PEDROANDREO, colored by #JORDIEBELLAIRE, and lettered by CLAYTON COWLES.
The critically acclaimed #SHADOWMAN series has returned! SHADOWMAN #5 goes on sale next week (1/19/22) and it kicks off the epic new storyline DEADSIDE WAR. As the alternate dimension known as the Deadside and its twisted creatures spill into humanity’s world, Jack Boniface, aka SHADOWMAN, will fight against impossible odds to save both worlds. #Valiant’s supernatural protector won’t be alone in this conflict, either. Deadside War will also feature the return of fan-favorite characters, including PUNK MAMBO and an all-new group of Abettors As always, there is no embargo on coverage and reviews. We look forward to reading, watching, and listening to your coverage of SHADOWMAN #5, Part 1 of Deadside War!

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