103: Next Issue Podcast’s Holiday Special 2020

This week Kyle Josh and Daniel discuss their favorite Holiday Media! 

We hope everyone stays Safe and Healthy. Please WEAR A MASK & WASH YOUR HANDS

Previously on Next Issue … [01:00 – 20:00]


  • New Mutants 14 by Vita Ayala & Rod Reis
  • , X-Force 15
  • Iron Man 5
  • Endless Winter 3-6
  • Savage Avengers

Main Topic [20:00 – 01:04:00]

The Christmas Episode

Favorite Media related to the holiday times ahead

Why is it special?

Daniel’s picks

Movies: Scrooged, The Night Before, Die Hard (but I’ll let Clay Talk about this one), Home Alone (top grossing Xmas), Batman Returns, Elf, it’s a wonderful life (usually at the Angelika)

TV: community’s Xmas episode, 30 Rock’s Ludachristmas, The Office (multiple eps) BTAS episodes 

Comics: Klaus, Batman NOEL, DC’s Holidays anthologies 

Josh’s picks

Movies: Hudsucker Proxy,, Die Hard (yeah, let Clay talk about it), Batman Returns

TV: Hogfather (Discworld), Doctor Who Holiday Specials, Futurama episodes with Robot Santa, and, obviously, The Star Wars Christmas Special.

Song: “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues.

Kyle’s Picks 

Movies: A Christmas story, Nightmare before Christmas, Gremlins 

TV Shows: He-man and She-ra Christmas Special on YouTube, The Hanna-Barbera Christmas specials

Song: WHAM! Last Christmas

Comics: Christmas with the Super Heroes by DC comics. 



What is a comic book you consider a MasterPiece?

Daniel: SAGA by BKV & Fiona Staples

Kyle: JL/Avengers crossover & Transformers GI Joe during art by Jae Lee

Josh: Daredevil, Issue 25, 2013 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee 


Recommendations [01:04:00 – End]



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